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Our clients increase their leadership effectiveness upwards of 30% over time.  However, we have learned that true development is not for everyone.  Many people seek out development for the wrong reasons, and they may not be ready for it.  The biggest factor in a successful leadership development engagement is the client’s internal desire to want something different than what you have or experience now.

Who We Develop into More Effective Leaders

  • Business professionals in a senior leadership role (Executives, VPs, Directors and Senior Managers)
  • High potential / fast track leaders moving to the next level
  • Variety of industries including Health Care, Technology, Energy, Finance and more

Our Ideal Client

  • Truly desires to improve his or her effectiveness as a leader
  • Enjoys challenging themselves and being challenged by others
  • Engages in practicing new, uncomfortable behaviors
  • Is open minded to other viewpoints
  • Is ready to reflect on their behaviors honestly, and be transparent and vulnerable
  • Has a history of making progress