Promises, Promises!

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The Program

In Promises, Promises!, participants are welcomed as the newly elected politicians representing one of 10 countries. As politicians, they must fulfill the promises they made to their constituents, some being simple to accomplish while others may be more difficult. Operating in an environment of scandal, intrigue, fun and politics, participants grapple with the needs of their constituents and neighboring countries and wade through cultural barriers, trust issues and poor communication to meet their goals. Alliances are created, abandoned and reformed but before the end of the five-year term, all countries have become a truly United League of Nations.

The Key Learnings

  • Experience the impact of a “we” versus “me” focus
  • Understand the importance of fostering a trusting environment through a more global vision
  • Learn how to utilize tangible and intangible resources to create a win/win approach
  • Discover how your role impacts company-wide goals
  • Identify what makes communication effective and how to be a conduit of information rather than a roadblock

Practical Information

  • The ideal audience: all levels — from individual contributor to executive level, cross-functional and project teams
  • Timeframe: 4 hours
  • For group sizes that range from 15 to 500 or more participants