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The Program

Insightment – Understanding Your Way to Results drives customer focus and results through substantial improvement in interpersonal communication. The program incorporates both experiential and skills training, combining practical exercises with techniques that increase awareness and teach new skills. The program has distinct, interlocking modules to help participants:

  • Maximize Results
    This key introductory concept of Insightment demonstrates how to make the best decisions and take the best actions for maximum client-focused results. The experiential component used is Nynsl Shrine. The facilitated discussion draws direct connections between the skills used to real business situations.Achieve Accurate Understanding 
Participants learn effective, time-saving communication behaviors that are essential to increase productivity, accuracy and efficiency in meetings and interpersonal communications. Team members practice these behaviors and apply them in Configurations, a competitive, timed exercise.
  • Eliminate Misunderstandings
    Using a simple analogy, the objective is to learn how to get into a customer’s frame of reference via true inquiry in order to build alignment and create a more productive working culture. Participants gain perspective with the exercise Frame of Reference.
  • Unlock Potential
    Participants learn how to uncover the hidden potential in the withheld information of their customers, co-workers and suppliers. Teams are challenged to build a solution by integrating different points of view using the exercises Cubes and Value Cards.
  • Draw Out Understanding
    The objective of this module is to demonstrate how to get to best solutions by first understanding another’s point of view before advocating your own. The exercise Real Estate challenges participants to negotiate more effectively and make better decisions.

The Key Learnings

  • Discover techniques for improving the quality of professional and personal relationships through effective communication
  • Identify effective time-saving communication behaviors
  • Acquire strategies for getting into another person’s frame of reference
  • Learn how to produce results through relationships
  • Discover how to uncover hidden potential and missed opportunities

Practical Information

  • The ideal audience: all levels – from individual contributor to executive level, intact work teams
  • Timeframe: 2 – 8 hours
  • For group sizes that range from 12 to 60 or more participants