Facilitation Skills for Leading Engaging Meetings

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What Happens

Each participant is given program “pre-work” that helps participants review meetings that they have attended or will attend to determine meeting elements that work well and those that do not work well. The skill-building program uses activities, discussions and practice sessions to highlight the expertise necessary to run a successful, productive and engaging meeting. Constant feedback is given by the facilitator and peers in the class.

The Key Learnings

  • Meeting preparation
    • Why are we meeting? What is the clear purpose?
    • Who should attend? Will there be decision makers present? Stakeholders? Implementers?
    • What needs to be discussed?
    • What is the timeframe?
    • Are materials and equipment needed?
    • Preparing an agenda
  • Location and set up
  • Opening and framing the meeting
  • Leading from the side
    • Managing the time
    • Maintaining focus and relevance
    • Input
    • Safety
    • Effectively listening
    • Powerful questioning and restating
    • Creating ownership
  • Handling the toughies
  • Wrapping it up
  • Follow through

Applying the Spark

At the end of the program, participants consider their own meeting facilitation expertise and put together Applying the Spark, a 90-day implementation plan. This plan considers the current facilitation expertise of the participant and the desired skills and practices utilized at the end of the 90-day period. Specific, time-bound steps are identified to close the gap. This plan is shared with the participant’s leader within 5 days of the training once the participant is back on the job.

Practical Information

  • The ideal audience: new managers and leaders up through senior level management
  • Timeframe: 4 – 6 hours
  • For group sizes that range from 10 to 50 or more participants