Council of the Marble Star

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The Program

Council of the Marble Star is a revealing and challenging simulation that uniquely highlights how to surpass the competition by combining results-driven activity with relationship-building skills.

Participants will have the opportunity to take part in “The Challenge of Excelleron” exactly as it took place back in the days of Camelot. They will see how villagers became elite members of King Arthur’s court by competing, trading, negotiating and working together. Experiencing the challenges and rewards of real win-win negotiating, participants will learn how to achieve best results through productive relationships. Information is disbursed to many teams throughout the room and the environment constantly changes. In the midst of all of this uncertainty, you must take responsibility for producing quality results and quality relationships. Fierce competition awaits you. How do you adjust? How do you excel in this unpredictable environment? Will you and your team focus solely on results or solely on building relationships? How will you balance these apparently conflicting objectives?

The Key Learnings

  • Discover how your business relationships impact your business results
  • Gain knowledge on the importance of acquiring and applying information ethically while maximizing profit
  • Understand how one person’s behavior will impact the department or company culture
  • Learn to manage perceptions by using a straightforward mental model
  • Discover and use the 4×4 results and relationship grid

Practical Information

  • The ideal audience: all levels – from individual contributor to executive level
  • Timeframe: 4 hours
  • For group sizes that range from 20 to 500 or more participants