Combining Training Programs with Follow-up Coaching

Developing the leadership competencies of managers, directors and executives

VeraSpark Consulting’s unique approach combines engaging and impactful training programs with coaching to ensure the proper implementation of the training concepts on the job — where it counts.

We prefer to begin with training that engages participants and involves them in their own learning. We’ve been delivering experiential training since 1993, and we are certified in Accelerative Learning design and delivery. Our training programs can include an action-planning component, such as our own “Applying the Spark”, so that each participant leaves with a strategy to apply the learning back at the workplace.

Once back on the job, participants are encouraged to share their strategies with their leaders and teams to garner more support. As the participants implement their plans, they regularly meet with their coach to discuss their successes and challenges. Coaching can be provided individually to maintain focused accountability, or in groups to create a peer coaching environment.

One study showed that although a conventional management training program increased productivity by 22.4%, productivity jumped to 88% when that training was followed up by 1-on-1 coaching.  If you want to transfer your training into learning on the job, consider follow-up coaching!