Coaching the Team’s Success

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What Happens

Participants engage in a variety of exercises and discussions that involve reflecting on how great leaders coach and create organizational allegiance, and the similarities and differences in managing for results versus leading a highly functioning team. Participants explore the 5 steps necessary to build accountability into their teams. Key behavioral skills are discussed, dissected and practiced in a quick series of conversations and activities. The program culminates as triads apply these skills while utilizing the model in real work situations. Genuine and direct feedback is given by the facilitator and peers.




The Key Learnings

  • Differentiate between leading people vs. managing processes and results
  • Learn a powerful 5-step model for building accountability
  • Identify the facts, feelings and data about your team members’ current situations
  • Identify the facts, feelings and data about your team members’ future goals
  • Build the steps to achieve the goals
  • Identify barriers and roadblocks to those goals
  • Nudge, stretch and celebrate with your team members
  • Build your coaching toolbox
    • Baseline of caring
    • Contextual listening
    • Powerful questioning
    • Speaking the truth
    • Stretching your team’s capabilities

Applying the Spark

During the program, participants consider their team members and put together their own Applying the Spark model, a 90-day implementation plan. This plan considers the current relationship with the team and the desired relationship at the end of the 90-day period. Specific, time-bound steps are identified to close the gap. This plan is shared in phases throughout the program with other participants. Additionally, the plan is shared with the participant’s leader within 5 days of the training once the participant is back on the job.

Practical Information

  • The ideal audience: new managers and leaders up through director level management
  • Timeframe: 1 or 2 days
  • For group sizes that range from 8 to 30 or more participants