Philosophy and Approach

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Step 1 – Discovery:

Through a thorough discovery process, together we identify an accurate assessment of the individual or team’s current skills and abilities. In other words, we clearly define where you are at this point in time. We support the assessment through many avenues: a coaching conversation, interviews, assessments (personality, TLC’s 360 Profile, TLC’s Culture Survey), performance reviews or performance plan, training content, and more.  The data we collect here is crucial in understanding how individual leaders or leadership teams are being perceived by others.

Step 2 – Design:

Included in the design phase, we determine what is your desired end result.   Here we review the data collected in the Discovery phase and determine the changes needed or desired.  Although we have used information collected from others, in the end, understanding where the individual or collective wants to go is most critical. We ask the hard questions that will allow you to honestly review and understand the data collected, and clearly articulate what you want to achieve.

Step 3 – Develop:

We move to the Develop phase, where we will collaboratively chart the course from where the individual or team is to the desired end result. Together we create the steps to close the gap between these two points. During this process, we focus specific attention on timelines, personal learning styles, training programs, formal and informal opportunities to practice new behaviors, and identifying obstacles that have consistently blocked the way in the past.

Step 4 – Delivery:

In the delivery phase, our goal is to keep leaders and their teams on track on the journey to your desired end results. As the journey progresses, obstacles may present themselves, old habits may appear, new and unknown challenges may arise. Through frequent conversations and communications, we keep you focused by ensuring accountability to desired behaviors. We can create Pulse Surveys to measure your progress towards your individual and collective goals.