Developing the leadership competencies of managers, directors and executives


VeraSpark’s training programs involve participants in their own learning. We embed one or more forms of experiential or accelerative learning methods to take advantage of current adult-learning knowledge and promote participant ownership via our Applying the Spark, an action-planning component which aides participants in their personal implementation of the training content.



Our unique coaching approach is a disciplined methodology to individual transformation.  Phases include discovery, design and development of an implementation plan, and delivery of that plan.  We utilize The Leadership Circle’s assessment tools (360 Leadership or Manager Profile, Culture Survey) that are statistically valid for leadership effectiveness.  We also combine our training programs and coaching to ensure the proper implementation of the learning on the job — where it counts.



VeraSpark delivers engaging, energetic, passionate and relevant conference programs that fit your desired conference theme and learning objectives. Our programs are guaranteed to involve and engage participants in their own learning, and are customized to your conference goals and objectives, including tying in your other conference presentations, themes and your organization’s unique culture.